Altered Earth Arts is an art and design company. We are involved in traditional art, illustration and design. We are also very involved in multimedia and today's new communication tools.

If you have a need for design, illustration, interactive multimedia, online or traditional print publishing or 3D modeling and animation contact Altered Earth Arts. E-Mail us at...

See the 'Commandosaurs™' Art

Want to read the Recombatants™ comic #1?
This is a link to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (4Mb) of the complete first issue, in color ...which is the only way you will see it in color, since the book will be printed in black and white. You will need to send an e-mail to help@alteredearth.com to get a password e-mailed to you, so that you can open the PDF file.



Work In Progress--- Recombatants 3D Animation

Short and sweet. It's an ongoing project, looking for a home.

Large 45 Mb MP4 QT Movie

Small DivX Movie


See Altered Earth's 3D examples of
Apple's Cubic QTVR,

...But first you may need to download and install QuickTime 5.0, or higher, if you haven't already.

Click the image above to
download QuickTime.

Want to watch as an animation project develops?

WWII - K-74 US Navy Airship Project


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